Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How to Use Neon Signs in Home Décor

The myth that neon signs are limited to bars and open signs is gone.  Neon Signs have smartly made their existence known by glowing strong in fashionable home decor and favorite hangout places. With their vivid pinks, yellows and blues, neon signs are becoming the newest and one of the most in-demand trends in interior design. 
Neon Furniture: Interior designers are going crazy over it. Modern furniture turned into bright glowing orbs have changed the dynamics of the furniture industry. Believe it or not, there are several designers who are incorporating neon into old world furniture. You might be thinking tacky designers are trying to "pimp their ride", but it has a much more practical application. It provides illumination without the need for lamps or overhead lights and, it highlights the details and classic lines of the traditional furniture. It is art that is functional. This concept can easily be DIY-ed using your own furniture and turning it into modern artwork.
Neon Signs as wall décor: Bold designing on a whole new level, interior designers are creating instant booms of color in some of the most fashionably decorated homes around. It’s a night light element that might make moist traditional interior designers cringe, but is a lot of fun. Used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and kids’ playrooms to add a touch of whimsy with simple catch phrases like “joy”, or "love", famous quotes or names. And the best part? These wordy neon lights can be customized to your own specifications. Probably the most well known room that has incorporated this trend is reality star, Kourtney Kardashian’s master bedroom.  Her hot pink neon LOVE ME sign by artist Curtis Kulig stands out and really makes a statement against the black, white decor.  
Neon signs as Gifts: Customized neon signs for your loved ones are an ideal and modern way to show that you care. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, what man wouldn't want a neon sign for his man cave? These cool neon signs add a warm and festive feeling to an otherwise dark cave! But don't limit it to just the men. Neon night lights for kids rooms are all the rage. Check it out! Perfect kids room decor could be any of the retro style wall clocks, decorative sculptures, and neon signs that will add a spunky vibe for the wee modernist. Fire House Neon has hundreds of neon signs to choose from. Match any decor, hobby or interest! 
Neon lightening for your backyards: Neon lights in backyards has become a much widely acceptable and an upscale way to dress up the patio. Art and lighting combines in one durable show piece. Many people have started considering them as a creative alternative to traditional lighing.
Neon signs for home addresses: How many times has it been that the GPS in our car has led us to the wrong location? We all have been through that time where we drove for hours searching for a place or specific location. Imagine a glowing outdoor neon sign instead of old boring house number. Neon signs for home addresses should be encouraged. Such a smart idea to light up your house numbers in neon for safety and as well as aesthetics. People have already started doing it. With glowing numbers, evening visitors will have no trouble finding their way to your door.
There are hundreds of other ways neon signs and clocks can be added to home decors bringing a modern and stylish look to brighten up any dull location. Make sure to light up your world using neon signs as they are the hippest and trendiest way to redesign your interior.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How to Install a Neon Power Supply

Like any electronics, a neon power supply will eventually fail. However with some care, a neon power supply can easily be replaced on a bar sign. Installing a neon power supply may seem difficult at first, which is why we have provided below a step-to-step guide for its installation. Follow the steps as explained and you will again have a glowing neon sign.

Safety first!

Always be careful when working with electrical equipment. While installing a neon power supply, make sure that the sign is disconnected from any power generating source to avoid possible shocks. Always keep installation in conformity with all local electric codes.(NEC, CSA, Ect.) 
  1. The first step involves placing the neon sign on a safe surface and locating the power supply and the location of the GTO wires coming from the power supply. Follow the wires to where they connect to the neon glass. Make a note of the route, as we will want to install the wires of the new power supply in the same location. 
  2. This is where things can go wrong. Neon tubes are fragile and the glass can end up broken, so be very gentle when handling. Carefully detach the rubber end caps from the neon tube exposing the tube’s electrodes and wiring. If the end caps do not want to come off, use a X-acto knife to split it open and peel away. The caps can be replaced with new ones.
  3. Untwist the wires of the electrodes and GTO wire. Careful!  in old signs the wires can be brittle.
  4. If there is a plastic backing, free the GTO wires coming out of the power supply by running them through the holes in the plastic. Never run the GTO leads across the power supply.
  5. Find the screws holding the power supply to the sign backing, unscrew and remove. Save the screws to attach the new power supply.
  6. Now with the screws, fit the neon power supply on the backing. We assume you are replacing with the same make and model. If using a different model you may need to make new holes for the screws. When using multiple power supplies on one sign, be sure to keep at least 3 inches between each unit. Make sure the power supply is secure.
  7. Pass the two separate GTO wires coming out of the power supply though the holes in the sign backing. Turn over the sign to its front. You should be able to see the two wires out of the open holes.
  8. Take one wire and thread it back to the first electrode, following the route of the old wire.  Route the wire so it will not touch the glass or cross the other lead wire. Always keep a minimum of 1 inch between GTO leads and any metallic surfaces.  Align the electrode and GTO and determine the length of the GTO needed.  Keep the leads as equal in length as possible. This step is a bit tricky, so check and double check before cutting. Trim off the excess wire with wire cutters. 
  9. Strip the protective covering off the GTO wire about a inch from the end. Take the wire tips of the GTO and electrode in your hand and twist them together to join. Do this several times for a stronger grip and then bend the wires back to keep them in place.
  10. Slide the rubber end cap back over the new wire splice covering it completely. The end caps not only hold the wires together, but also guard from possible electrical shocks. If you had to cut the old end cap off, buy a new cap to replace it.
  11. Repeat Step 8 and 9 for the second GTO lead. 
  12. Lastly, plug in the electrical cord of the power supply to a  power plug and light up your neon sign.