Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Installing an Outdoor Neon Sign

We now offer Outdoor Neon Signs with our standard sign designs, as well as custom neon signs.  Outdoor signs come in an aluminum outdoor casing to stand up to the harsh elements. The case also comes with a clear plastic cover to protect the glasswork. All of our Outdoor Signs have a U.L.2161 listed power supply to be hardwire. There are a couple of ways to install outdoor signs. You can hire an electrician which we recommend, or you can do it yourself. The benefits of installing your own outdoor sign is a reduction in cost. You'll also receive the satisfaction in doing it yourself.  However, some states such as Michigan require outdoor neon signs be install by a licensed Sign Specialist. Check with your local building department. They can inform you about the local regulations and direct you to the proper official to obtain a sign permit.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tax Neon Signs for Year End

Tax season will soon be upon us and a bright neon sign can make all the different in attracting new clients. Your clients need to know you are open and ready to prepare their tax returns. Neon signs are time tested and one of the most cost effective methods of advertising. With all the competition from H&R Block to Jackson Hewitt to the small tax preparer, making sure your tax sign draws attention should be your highest priority.
Fire House Neon Signs excels at making neon tax signs. Accountants know that good signage can make the difference for a business having a profitable year end or being in the red. Our stock tax signs are not really meant to branding your company as much as they are to attracting attention. We are confident you will find a neon sign that works well to promote you unique tax services.