Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soda Pop Neon Signs

On a hot day in the middle of the summer what do you reach for. Yeah, a lot of people would say beer, but many more suck down a Coke or Pepsi (to their detriment) than would even consider an alcoholic beverage. The soft drink industry has been going strong for well over a century and people are loyal to the brands they enjoy the most. Why then would it be a surprise that these same people would want a piece of that company’s history in the form of a neon sign?
Collectors cherish certain names because they bring a sense of comfort or produce a product that they enjoy. Many collect items from their favorite fast food purveyors and sports franchises in the same way that they collect stamps and coins. Some items, among them neon signs, are more valuable than others due to rarity. So what makes a neon soft drink sign collectible?
Since there are any number of soda companies, both local and international, many different types of signs exist. People like the flavor of local, but there are some sought after, and they can be hard to find, but some big name brands have designs that are coveted and difficult to locate also. eBay and other auction sites would be able to help find these.
A simple Coke or Pepsi sign is probably going to be the most popular, but there are many designs out there. If you are a home brew master creating you own bottled Root Beer, why not crate you own neon sign reflecting your logo, local skyline or other local monument that adds to the desirability. Do an internet search to see what designs are available.
Subject Matter
Of course, the main subject is soda (soda pop, pop, brand name, etc), but there are other considerations. The coke polar bears have become very popular and they did a series of Santa Claus signs years ago. Whatever your particular fancy, there is probably a sign out there that fits it.